Unlocking a Milestone: JMIR Nursing Achieves its First-Ever CiteScore in the Latest Scopus CiteScore Release

In the recent Scopus CiteScore release, JMIR Nursing has achieved an impressive milestone by receiving its first-ever CiteScore of 5.2, ranking 17/139 in the category General Nursing, placing it Q1 in this category. This accolade is a testament to the journal's high-quality research and its impact on research in the field of nursing. 

CiteScore is a metric used to assess the impact of scholarly journals based on the average number of citations received per publication. It is calculated by dividing the number of citations received by a journal in a given year by the number of publications by the journal during the previous four years.

JMIR Nursing is committed to publishing high-quality research that makes a difference in the field of nursing. The journal's CiteScore is a reflection of this commitment, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the journal's editor in chief Elizabeth Borycki, editors, authors, and reviewers. The journal's strong editorial board and rigorous peer-review process ensure that the research published is of the highest quality. JMIR Nursing also has a global readership, with articles being read and cited by researchers and clinicians around the world.

More about JMIR Nursing

The journal publishes original research, literature reviews, viewpoints, and research letters on a wide range of topics relevant to nursing. The journal’s focus is the paradigm change in nursing due to information technology and the shift toward preventative, predictive, and personal medicine.

More about Scopus CiteScore:

Scopus CiteScore is a valuable citation metric that measures the average number of citations received in the past 4 years by articles published in a given journal. A higher CiteScore reflects a journal’s influence and the wider reach of the research it publishes. CiteScore 2023 was released in June 2024 and captures citations received in 2020-2023 to articles published in the same timeframe.