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Focus and Scope

JMIR Nursing (JN, Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth Borycki RN PhD, FIAHIS, FACMI, FCAHS) is a new peer-reviewed journal for nursing in the 21st century. The focus of this journal is original research related to the paradigm change in nursing due to health information technology and the shift towards preventative, predictive, and personalized health and nursing care. 

"In the 21st century the whole foundations of health care are being shaken. Technology is taking service to new heights of portability: less invasive, short-term, and with greater impact on both the length and quality of life. Along with portability is the immediately emerging impact of genomics/proteinomics with all that implies for how life processes will be dealt with, when they will be addressed, and the techniques and technologies that will be used to treat persons.

Time-based nursing care with the activities of bathing, treating, changing, feeding, intervening, drugging, and discharging are quickly becoming historic references to an age of practice that no longer exists. Now the challenge for nursing practice skills relates more to taking on the activities of accessing, informing, guiding, teaching, counseling, typing, and linking."

(Tim Porter-O'Brady, Nurs Outlook 2001;49:182-6)

The journal is now open for submissions.

JN is a "platinum open access" journal, with no charges for readers or authors*.

All papers are rigorously peer-reviewed, copyedited, and XML-typeset. 

*introductory offer. Journal will flip to "Gold Open Access" with author charges after an introductory period