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Mobile Health Apps That Help With COVID-19 Management: Scoping Review

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e20596

17248 15 92
Predicted Influences of Artificial Intelligence on the Domains of Nursing: Scoping Review

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e23939

10747 18 64
Predicted Influences of Artificial Intelligence on Nursing Education: Scoping Review

JMIR Nursing 2021;4(1):e23933

13379 8 51
Learning With Virtual Reality in Nursing Education: Qualitative Interview Study Among Nursing Students Using the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology Model

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e20249

6293 2 28
Digital Technologies and the Role of Health Care Professionals: Scoping Review Exploring Nurses’ Skills in the Digital Era and in the Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

JMIR Nursing 2022;5(1):e37631

2477 18 24
Virtual Reality in Clinical Practice and Research: Viewpoint on Novel Applications for Nursing

JMIR Nursing 2022;5(1):e34036

1289 5 17
Education Into Policy: Embedding Health Informatics to Prepare Future Nurses—New Zealand Case Study

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e16186

6172 1 17
Design of a Consumer Mobile Health App for Heart Failure: Findings From the Nurse-Led Co-Design of Care4myHeart

JMIR Nursing 2019;2(1):e14633

3698 12 16
Investigating Psychological Differences Between Nurses and Other Health Care Workers From the Asia-Pacific Region During the Early Phase of COVID-19: Machine Learning Approach

JMIR Nursing 2022;5(1):e32647

295 2 16
Academic Electronic Health Records in Undergraduate Nursing Education: Mixed Methods Pilot Study

JMIR Nursing 2021;4(2):e26944

3892 1 13
Understanding the Association Between Electronic Health Record Satisfaction and the Well-Being of Nurses: Survey Study

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e13996

7050 9 13
Exploring an Innovative Care Model and Telemonitoring for the Management of Patients With Complex Chronic Needs: Qualitative Description Study

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e15691

7399 3 11
Experiences of Using a Self-management Mobile App Among Individuals With Heart Failure: Qualitative Study

JMIR Nursing 2021;4(3):e28139

1371 4 10
Nurses as Stakeholders in the Adoption of Mobile Technology in Australian Health Care Environments: Interview Study

JMIR Nursing 2019;2(1):e14279

3560 16 9
Vaccipack, A Mobile App to Promote Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake Among Adolescents Aged 11 to 14 Years: Development and Usability Study

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e19503

1816 5 9
Augmented Reality Technology as a Teaching Strategy for Learning Pediatric Asthma Management: Mixed Methods Study

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e23963

811 3 9
Understanding Nursing Workflow for Inpatient Education Delivery: Time and Motion Study

JMIR Nursing 2019;2(1):e15658

5037 10 8
Performance of the Large Language Model ChatGPT on the National Nurse Examinations in Japan: Evaluation Study

JMIR Nursing 2023;6(1):e47305

466 5 8
The Impact of Digital Health Transformation Driven by COVID-19 on Nursing Practice: Systematic Literature Review

JMIR Nursing 2022;5(1):e40348

738 18 7
How the Integration of Telehealth and Coordinated Care Approaches Impact Health Care Service Organization Structure and Ethos: Mixed Methods Study

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e20282

2630 3 7
mHealth Apps as Effective Persuasive Health Technology: Contextualizing the “Necessary” Functionalities

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e19302

2790 0 6
Four Dissemination Pathways for a Social Media–Based Breastfeeding Campaign: Evaluation of the Impact on Key Performance Indicators

JMIR Nursing 2019;2(1):e14589

2374 15 6
Experiences of Complex Patients With Telemonitoring in a Nurse-Led Model of Care: Multimethod Feasibility Study

JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e22118

1095 13 6
Advancing the Science of Recruitment for Family Caregivers: Focus Group and Delphi Methods

JMIR Nursing 2019;2(1):e13862

1494 2 6
Primary Health Care Nurses’ Experiences of Consultations With Internet-Informed Patients: Qualitative Study

JMIR Nursing 2019;2(1):e14194

3945 17 6

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