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Four Dissemination Pathways for a Social Media–Based Breastfeeding Campaign: Evaluation of the Impact on Key Performance Indicators

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Design of a Consumer Mobile Health App for Heart Failure: Findings From the Nurse-Led Co-Design of Care4myHeart

HTML PDF 256 12 3
Primary Health Care Nurses’ Experiences of Consultations With Internet-Informed Patients: Qualitative Study

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Nurses as Stakeholders in the Adoption of Mobile Technology in Australian Health Care Environments: Interview Study

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Advancing the Science of Recruitment for Family Caregivers: Focus Group and Delphi Methods

HTML PDF 20 2 2
The Needs and Barriers of Medication-Taking Self-Efficacy Among Poststroke Patients: Qualitative Study

HTML PDF 12 1 0
Nursing Unit Communication During a US Public Health Emergency: Natural Experiment

HTML PDF 10 15 1
An Evidence-Based, Nursing Handover Standard for a Multisite Public Hospital in Switzerland: Web-Based, Modified Delphi Study

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Comparison of the Results of Manual and Automated Processes of Cross-Mapping Between Nursing Terms: Quantitative Study

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Understanding Nursing Workflow for Inpatient Education Delivery: Time and Motion Study

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Assessing Hand Hygiene and Low-Level Disinfection of Equipment Compliance in an Acute Care Setting: Mixed Methods Approach

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Exploring an Innovative Care Model and Telemonitoring for the Management of Patients With Complex Chronic Needs: Qualitative Description Study

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Desirable Features of an Interdisciplinary Handoff

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Understanding the Association Between Electronic Health Record Satisfaction and the Well-Being of Nurses: Survey Study

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The mPOWERED Electronic Learning System for Intimate Partner Violence Education: Mixed Methods Usability Study

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Education Into Policy: Embedding Health Informatics to Prepare Future Nurses—New Zealand Case Study

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Influence of Organizational Issues on Nurse Administrators’ Support to Staff Nurses’ Use of Smartphones for Work Purposes in the Philippines: Focus Group Study

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Experiences With Developing and Using Vital Sign Telemonitoring to Support Mobile Nursing in Rural Regions: Feasibility and Usability Study

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